Putting It All Together: Action Steps

Week 1 Checklist

Fertility Labs List -- This is a list of fertility specific labs to be drawn by your doctor. You may get push back from them about having so many "unnecessary" labs taken, especially when it comes to the thyroid labs, but these labs give us a more complete picture of everything. Please check your personal supplement protocol* for information on what labs I specifically recommend for you)

The Master Fertility Supplement Book (Cleanse Phase Week 1)

Supplement Guide and Planner (use this to organize your daily supplement schedule and know when to take them)

The Toxin Elimination Plan (Week 1)

Food Shopping Guide

Recipe Book For Inspiration

Protein Powder options

Printable version of recipe book

*In order for me to successfully create your personalized supplement protocol, I need your intake assessment completed as well as a set of recent labs. Once I have received these, your protocol, along with a lab review and recommendations, will be emailed to you within 1-2 weeks maximum*