The Fertility Foods Formula Program

​Balance Hormones And Increase Fertility With Fertility Foods Program

​improve your pregnancy chances with A Strategic, science-Based fertility diet

This Program Helps You:

  • ​Reignite Your Optimal Health And Fertility
  • ​Rebalance Your Hormones Naturally
  • ​Restore Your Sense Of Control And Positivity
  • ​Regain Confidence In Your TTC Journey ​
  • ​​Rejuvenate In ​A Supportive Community​

​​Want To Learn More?

​Finally get answers about what ​a real fertility diet is

A Lot Of The Fertility Diet Answers You Have right now may be ​ ​misleading

If you’re confused about what a fertility-friendly diet is, struggling with multiple nutrition strategies and supplements, AND nothing has worked to help you in your efforts ​then it’s time to admit that the mainstream advice has failed you.

The problem with following the “mainstream” nutrition advice is that ​it is wrong

Especially when it comes to your fertility, our mainstream nutrition advice ​is causing more damage and holding your health and fertility back.

Many women are taking their ​recommended prenatal supplements, eating a “healthy diet”, and following all the mainstream advice their doctors and friends are saying…​

​​And they’re still experiencing hormonal challenges, miscarriages, or unexplained infertility.

Some important things to know:

​Old ​ ​Nutritional Guid​elines

​The nutritional recommendations have not changed significantly since the 1970’s, even in the face of increased rates of chronic conditions, obesity,  and ​other problems. ​

​​Unintended Health Results

​​​What we’ve previously been taught is healthy ​has some major flaws, and it’s having major effects on our overall health and fertility.

​Suffering Fertility

​Rates of PCOS and other hormonal challenges are on the rise, and average sperm counts have decreased by over 50% in the last 30 years! It’s only expected to continue getting worse…

​Many of us have been led to believe that eating a ‘balanced’ diet of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and low-fat items is ​the best way to health…

But here’s the ​​​​​​thing…

​Not all food types are created equal

​If you’re eating a diet with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fertility smoothies and everything else you can think  of and you’re still not pregnant…

I know how you feel…

It’s incredibly frustrating to struggle in this way!

​Through ​my own struggle, over 10 years of in-depth research, and helping myself and others through miscarriage and fertility ​challenges…I found the secret:

​One of the main root causes of fertility ​problems is high inflammation

​Our mainstream dietary advice actually ​causes increased inflammation and damage to all the cells in our body​. Over time, this process of a constant inflammatory diet ​results in hormonal imbalances, toxin build-up, reduced egg quality, and severely reduced fertility.

​ Studies have shown women with high inflammation have a much higher rate of infertility from all causes. It’s important to understand that although inflammation is a normal part of cell metabolism, diet has an enormous effect on ​how much​ inflammation is produced.​​​

​With proper nutrition ​you can:

  • ​Minimize the ​production of ​inflammatory free radicals that cause damage in the body ​
  • ​Provide your body with ​what it needs to ​naturally decrease inflammation ​even further
  • ​Reset your hormones, increase fertility, ​increase egg health, ​​​and improve your ​pregnancy chances ​

​ You can decrease inflammation while ​balancing hormon​es, improving egg health, and increasing fertility all with what you eat​.

Yes! You can eat​ to decrease inflammation and drastically improve fertility​

​The problem is that ​you can’t ​accomplish this using the standard nutritional advice

​Even many ‘fertility diets’ have their downfalls by not addressing what foods actually do to cells. The real information is hard to come by and takes a lot of research. There are certain foods that need to be avoided that we’re being told are ‘healthy fertility superfoods’ when they actually increase inflammation.

​A lot of fertility advice can be harmful to your efforts of getting pregnant

​Spoiler alert: many fertility ‘experts’ will tell  you to eat a banana, or to eat more fruit and whole grains, and this typical mainstream advice can actually contribute to hormonal imbalance and inflammation!Even foods deemed ‘healthy’ (like some fruits!) have the ability to cause inflammation if they’re eaten out of sync with the body’s rhythms. That’s right, certain foods can cause more inflammation or less inflammation depending on when they’re eaten throughout the day!

Eating to support ​Your body’s natural rhythm allows hormones and fertility to reset

Eating certain foods in synchrony with ​Your body’s natural rhythm ​allows ​Your Body to balance itself

There is more to feeding ​your body than ​simply eating certain foods and avoiding others. While important, this is not the only thing we need to consider when thinking about how to nourish the body and increase egg health.

There is a better way to nourish ​your cells! Eating specific foods in certain biorhythms allows your body to absorb more nutrients, gently detoxify itself, balance hormones, dramatically decrease inflammation, and improve your chances of becoming pregnant naturally:

Decreasing inflammation and feeding your cells exactly what they need can help you get pregnant:

  • ​EVEN if you’ve been trying for a long time
  • ​EVEN if you have PCOS, endom​​​​​etriosis, unexplained infertility, or recurrent miscarriages
  • ​EVEN if you​r partner has low sperm count and quality
  • ​EVEN if you’re preparing for IUI or IVF

​Yes, decreasing inflammation is that ​powerful ​for our health and fertility!

​if you think you don’t have a problem with inflammation, think again

​Inflammation is in ALL of us and is a major root cause to many illnesses and disease

Inflammation is quickly being realized as one of the main root causes for many illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, PCOS, endometriosis, and many more. Each cell in ​our body normally produces inflammatory free radicals as part of the normal metabolic process, but our current nutritional paradigm actually makes our cells create more free radicals than it should. 

​if you are experiencing fertility issues then inflammation plays a role 

​Even some women who test “normal” for inflammatory blood markers ​can still suffer from ​its effects. Inflammation shows up in a variety of ways. Menstrual cycle irregularities and fertility issues are one of the key indicators that there’s an inflammation issue ​and diet needs to be addressed. It could be playing a smaller role or it could actually be THE reason you can’t get pregnant at all.

What about taking a supplement to decrease inflammation?

Supplements are important but they can’t do it all

Supplements are incredibly important in health and fertility BUT you can’t out-supplement a highly inflammatory diet. Supplements can only take us so far, especially if we’re not eating in a way that naturally decreases the amount of inflammation our cells create.

Many of us think we’re eating ‘healthy’ diets but are unknowingly causing more inflammation and making our problems worse

Remember: free radical production and inflammation is a normal baseline process. The best way to approach nutrition is to eat in a way that decreases this baseline inflammation to minimal levels. ​When using this nutritional approach, subsequently adding in other elements like supplements and superfoods will result in even better health. This is especially important for fertility supplements!

​Even many commonly known fertility supplements aren’t the answer

​Sometimes these supplements can do more harm than good, and can set your hormones back even further. That’s why it’s imperative to put the proper nutrition in place ​and​ be selective and purposeful about the supplements you take. ​​​

If you don’t treat the root cause then your fertility efforts could be in vain

​Your body is ​sending you a message that you need to listen to

Our body sends us signals all the time about our internal health. One of these signals is our menstrual cycle and our fertility. Fertility problems, hormonal issues, irregular cycles, are all messages from the body that it needs something ​else than what we’re currently doing. Your body isn’t broken or malfunctioning ​out of spite, it’s telling you there’s a problem that we need to address. ​Giving your body what it needs to thrive is completely within your control.

​Trying to override the body with standard fertility medications​ ​probably won’t help

It’s estimated that 80% of women who take common fertility drugs ​that force ovulation do eventually ovulate. ​But even though 80% are finally ovulating, only 10-12% get pregnant per cycle. In fact, only 35% of women actually get pregnant using these drugs even over the course of a 6-month treatment.

And IVF is no better. Out of over 250,000 IVF procedures done in 2017, the average percentage of live infant births was approximately 22%. Average cost of an IVF cycle is $12,500, and an average 2.7 cycles are needed before a pregnancy is achieved.​

​Fertility treatments and medications aren’t ​a ​surefire answer and can even​ make the problem worse

​Fertility treatments don’t always work! They don’t even work the majority of the time. ​They also clog the body with hormones, chemicals, and wreak havoc on your body, adding fuel to ​the fire​.

There is something else within your control that has huge impact on your body’s ability to get pregnant: addressing the root cause of the problem! ​When you do this, you can restore fertility and get pregnant naturally. And many people do! I’m sure you’ve heard tons of stories of women who tried fertility treatments for years with no success, only to get pregnant on their own years later after a drastic lifestyle change.

​nutrition and lifestyle changes allow your body to reset itself and restore fertility

I made lots of mistakes trying to restore fertility, and you don’t have to go through all that

When I was going through my own journey of restoring hormonal health, I tried all kinds of diets and supplements, pills and plans. I even made the problem much worse for a while using all the mainstream advice we get…

But after years of research, I uncovered THE fertility diet formula that works

​Using my background and ​training in health and science, I spent ​years going through hundreds of research articles and studies. I ​read more books, blogs, and forums than I’d care to admit in addition to the research studies themselves​. ​And I finally found the exact formula:

​ The Fertility Food Formula

​it’s the most science-Based and comprehensive fertility​ Diet program available!

AND it will help you get pregnant!

Yes, I want to join NOW!

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How does The Fertility Food Formula work differently than a regular ‘healthy diet’?

It’s built on the science of food and its impacts at the cellular level

Your egg is a cell ​that needs specific things to properly develop into a baby. The only way to have a great quality egg cell is if we increase the health of ALL our cells. This takes some very specific strategy to get our bodies to prioritize fertility. ​Our brain will prioritize spending energy on other bodily functions before it ​spends energy on fertility. The higher the inflammation, the more the ​body feels it’s in survival mode​ and the more it will work against reproduction.

It uses a food strategy designed to reset the body so it prioritizes fertility

We focus on an exact food plan that describes what types of foods should be eaten abundantly, moderately, or avoided altogether. We then add this to a specific food rhythm, which helps you sync your food plan with your body’s natural biorhythm to decrease inflammation even further. This allows your body to use energy more efficiently and increases the health of all cells.  When this happens your body is more ready and able to divert energy and nutrients to reproductive organs and functions.

We add in superfoods and selective fertility supplements dosed according to gold-standard research

In addition to our food strategy, we get into specific superfoods that help decrease inflammation even more. Finally, we add in supplements that you must take to restore optimal fertility and increase egg health. These supplements have been established in well-executed, gold-standard research as critically important for fertility. Even though the research is there, they still aren’t used as standard by many doctors. Not only this, but research shows that many recommended amounts of common supplements are far below what our bodies actually need.

We go beyond old standards and use research to determine what your body needs and in what form

It’s entirely possible you’re supplementing some of these necessary nutrients already but still deficient because you’re using the inadequate recommended standards. This alone can contribute to unexplained infertility! In addition, there are many supplements that are not readily bio-available or easily absorbed by the body. It’s important to be taking the proper form of supplements in the correct dose to gain the benefit.

All of these principles combine to give you The Fertility Food Formula: Food Plan + Food Rhythm + Superfoods + Supplements

This program is a completely fertility-specific, science-based nutrition program that is strategic and purposeful to help you get pregnant. It can help you restore fertility to get pregnant naturally, or it can aid in decreasing inflammation and preparing your body for IUI or IVF.

Are you frustrated that you haven’t heard this before, or that your doctor has never mentioned it?

​Doctors and nutritionists are taught the standard, incorrect nutrition paradigm

Your doctor may not even know that this way of nourishing your cells and fertility is possible. Remember that our mainstream nutritional advice hasn’t changed in over 50 years, and your doctor was taught these old, poorly researched principles years ago. Maybe even decades ago.

This ​combination of information is not found in any medical textbook but rather it is the culmination of years of study about how the body and cells react and function in different food environments. We go beyond “​eat this food ​because it’s good for you”, and really dive into what each food type does to your body’s cells once broken down, and how to minimize inflammation-producing potential.

This program’s principles are in ​line with the newest and best research available

It’s specifically designed to decrease inflammation made at the cellular level. Once we get you moving in the right direction with eating a specific food plan that supports your natural biorhythm, then we add in your superfoods and supplements to drastically improve fertility and egg quality.

Think you don’t have enough time for complicated and time consuming meal plans and recipes?

Me neither! That’s why this program is specifically designed to easily work within your normal life

The Fertility Food Formula uses a food plan, not a meal plan, so that you can easily integrate and adapt these principles into your culture and lifestyle. Everyone is different, a fact that this program lovingly embraces! We lead busy lives, we work, we have family demands, and complicating our eating does not sound fun, am I right?

Easy starter recipe guide will help you learn how to turn the food plan into daily habits

We provide a starter recipe guide so that you can see the food plan principles in action and learn them. While we provide you with ​recipes, you ​will still take the food plan and make it work for you. Don’t like something? That’s okay! Find something else on the approved list that suits your tastes and use that. Eating to increase fertility (and ahem, sexual drive) is supposed to be fun, not limiting and horrible.

Feel you’d like to have more fun and community during this whole journey?

Diet and nutrition changes are hard no matter why you’re doing it!

I totally get that, which is why this program also provides you with an exclusive community that will rally behind you, share recipe ideas, provide virtual hugs when you’re feeling down and out, and make you laugh when you least expect it.

Let’s be real for a minute:

Are you lonely walking this journey? ​Are you wondering if you’re doing, taking, or eating the right things with no one to really ask for help?

Community and support can catapult you to success in any area in your life, including this one

Having a support network of like-minded women who are sharing your journey and goals will make you feel like your world is bigger. You’ll feel less alone and frustrated, and there will always be someone who understands your exact feelings. Let me open the doors for you, give you the tools inside this fertility-changing, life-changing program, and have you join in the fun.

Because it can be fun! It can be an empowering journey!

Empowering your journey will shape the Mommy you get to become

This is extremely important to know: Your journey to becoming your version of Supermom begins way before you get pregnant. It’s starting right now!

This journey will shape you into the phenomenal woman you get to become, and this community and program will be there as you walk this path.

​What’s included in the community?

This exclusive, private Facebook group is only for women going through this program

It’s where we share ideas, recipes, ask questions, provide support, and laugh. You’ll also get access to me! I’ll be doing frequent LIVE sessions in the group to help keep us on track and give us the right mindset for approaching this journey (hint: Mommy Mindset is ​crazy important).

It can and should be fun, or at the very minimum it shouldn’t be as lonely!

​Sounding good so far? Let’s look at the whole program!

​Included In The Fertility Food Formula Program:

​The Fertility Food Formula Program Guide ​Retail value: $197​ (Digital Only)

​You’ll get access to The Fertility Food Formula’s Program Guide which details each part of the formula​! This ​resource starts you off by explaining the scientific nutritional basis for this program, and then moves you into each of the 4 step​s. It’s specific in what to eat and why, and what not to eat and why. It goes over when to eat certain ​foods, which fertility superfoods to eat, and how to integrate them best into your diet. Finally, it gives exact information on what fertility supplements you must take​, in what dosages, and in which forms as per what the research has shown. You will come away from this program guide knowing more about nutrition and supplements and how they affect your fertility than many physicians understand.

​​​The Fertility Food Formula Starter Recipe Book ​Retail Value: $47 (Digital Only)

​I put together a special recipe book of starter recipes for you using the rules and principles of The Formula. Breakfast, lunches, snacks, dinners, and even Formula-approved dessert options (because dessert is delicious, and sometimes you just need ​it). This is the perfect launching pad for understanding how to put together your own fertility-boosting meals! These are easy, delicious fertility fueling recipes designed specifically for your busy life.

​​​The Fertility Food Formula Smoothie Recipe GuideRetail Value: $27 (Digital Only)

​I see lots of women asking about fertility smoothies and using them to help increase their fertility. But did you know there’s a wrong way to do these that can actually end up harming your fertility even more? That’s why this program includes a guide for how to make the perfect fertility smoothie, along with some recipes to get you started. You don’t have to use smoothies for this program but for those of you who want to, this guide will increase the nutritional value of your fertility smoothies, and give you better results!

​This $271 value is available for a limited time for ONLY $97

And if you join right now, we’ll include for FREE:

​​​The Fertility Food Formula ​​Supplements Additions GuideRetail Value: $27 (Digital Only)

​In addition to the extensive supplement information included in Your Program Guide, this guide gives you detailed, research-based information on 7 ​powerful supplements you can consider adding to your fertility regimen. These are all research-proven, fertility-boosting supplements that are helpful in very specific circumstances. This guide tells you which supplement might be good for your challenge, shows you how best to make the decision of whether or not it’s right for you, and guides you through which form and dose to take.

PLUS! ​If you sign up ​today, you’ll get access to the exclusive community FOR FREE:

​Unlimited Access to a private and exclusive Facebook GroupRetail Value: $197

​This is where you get ​frequent Mommy Mindset meetings in which ​you’ll get mindfulness techniques and tools proven to help the body achieve unbelievable results. You’ll also get new weekly recipes, ongoing support from Fertility Mom with Q&A sessions, and a great support community of women who uniquely understand your life right now. Journeys walked alone can become overwhelming, but in a support community like this there is always someone who understands exactly what you’re feeling.

​This entire program​ is valued at $495! ​BUT for a limited time, I’ve decided to make ALL of it available to you for only $97!


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​​I will be giving you access to ​any new or edited versions of this program that come out FOR FREE. ​Additions and updates will be sent as we go along and I will give it to you FOR FREE because I want to get you pregnant! (Ok, *help* to get you pregnant if that sounds less weird)

​Additions to come include: 7 Steps to Increase Cervical Mucus, Your Everyday TTC Lifestyle Guide, Fertility Supplements Guide #3, and even more! All for FREE when you join Today!

​Join us now before this deal ends! I can only take a certain ​number of people into the group! 

No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

​I’ve helped many women increase fertility and achieve pregnancy:*Names have been changed for privacy purposes*

​Customer stories:

​Dori – 33

​Came to me with premature ovarian failure, low AMH, high FSH, and low thyroid hormone. After only a couple of months following some of the simple rules in this program, her AMH levels have come up, her thyroid levels are within normal limits, her basal body temperatures have stabilized, and she’s feeling much better overall. She says, “I know it’s only a matter of time now! I didn’t even know half of the things in this program!”

​Kristen – 31

Had one child already but was experiencing recurrent miscarriages without any explanation. A few tweaks in her diet and supplement regimen and her son is now just turning 2!

​Lisa – 41

​​Had been struggling for over a year to get pregnant​. She had just experienced a miscarriage when I gave her this information. Two months later she was pregnant with her daughter​!

Melissa says: “I’m so happy I feel like I have control again and I know exactly what to do and why. Thank you!”

​60 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!

​​ No Hassle! No Gimmicks! Just the help you need from someone who wants to revolutionize fertility care.


​Money Back Guarantee


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