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Hi! My name is Rose!

Twenty years ago I was a literal hot mess. My body was, anyway. I had terrible periods that would take me down and out for days at a time, depression, anxiety, horrible gut issues that could never get a proper diagnosis, and I was seeing so many doctors to try and figure it out that it would make your head spin.

I never got an answer. Instead I got pills, pills, and more pills.

Enter birth control. Which “fixed” my bad periods and not much else.

Except it didn’t fix anything and a few years later I was still feeling like sh*t.

Fast forward a few years later when I was newly married and we were thinking about starting a family. But there was no way that this was going to happen easily with what was going on. My period was bad before birth control, and once I came off it was pure mayhem.

And there was no discussion about the things I could actually do to help myself or my fertility. It was always the same conversation.

“Well if you can’t get pregnant then we can give you medication, just keep trying”.

After miscarriages, it was “just keep trying”.

I knew there was way more that could be done than to “just keep trying”.

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I decided enough was enough. Even after all the doctors and medications I was still suffering! I was disgusted and frustrated with the lack of truly up-to-date, science-based information available, especially in women’s health and fertility. I wasn’t getting any answers so I went in search of them myself.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from New York University and a Master of Science from Columbia University. Using my background in science and healthcare along with additional training in functional medicine, I spent years discovering best practices to improve health and fertility in a natural and holistic way. I healed my periods, renewed my health and fertility, and went on to have 3 healthy babies.

Along the way I discovered that there is so much more that we can do to heal our fertility, balance hormones, and optimize our egg health to get pregnant with a healthy baby. Sadly, this information is lacking in conventional medicine, and many doctors aren’t trained in how to treat root causality. Taking charge of my health and fertility meant I needed to find what was causing my symptoms.

I didn’t “just keep trying”.

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I found the answers and made the changes that allowed me to heal the root cause of what was happening with my body and my fertility. I was able to end the confusion, stop experimenting on myself, and regain control over my health journey.

Since that time I’ve been working with women of all ages for years to do just that. I’ve helped hundreds of women get their take home babies using my proven, science-based, and holistic approach that heals root causes of fertility issues, balances hormones, and improves egg quality.

It’s one of the greatest honors to help women take back control over their bodies and regain  confidence in their fertility journey. Join me on YouTube or Facebook, and book a complimentary call with me. Let’s get you confident, hopeful, and pregnant!